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Living Way Children's Ministry is our Child Sponsorship program.  Our mission is to reach out and help Orphaned & Fatherless Children through Sponsorship, enabling children to live and receive care in Families as a loving alternative to living out their childhood institutionalized in an Orphanage or living on the streets.  


Living Way is working with the local church and ordinary people like you, to provide Orphaned & Fatherless Children with a chance for a hope and a future.  Your support helps provide the children in the program with a Home, Food, a chance to go to School, along with School Supplies, Clothing and Daily Care. They're able to go to Church & Sunday Bible School.  They are learning about Jesus and experiencing His love and their lives are being changed for eternity.







For just $1 a day you can change the life of a child.

If you would like to sponsor a child,

 please contact us


Click here to make your donation:





What happens when I sponsor a child?  



Transformation . . .




This is my friend Challa.  This is after just one year of sponsorship.  

Challa has no parents and lives with a relative.  When asked if he needed anything, he answered, "All I want is to praise the Lord.  I have a sponsor.  

I have everything I need.  I just want to praise the Lord."





Here's how our program works ...  


Each Village Project consists of children that have been identified by the local church as Orphans or Fatherless who are in desperate need of care.  These are the poorest of the poor.  Some children have lost both of their parents.  Some are living with one remaining parent who is either extremely poor or sick with HIV/AIDS.  Some live with a relative.  Those without relatives, will either be placed in a Foster home with a Christian Family, or with a Christian Widow, selected by the local church. 



Transformation . . . 




Once you identify your child ...


To keep administrative costs down to a bare minimum, you will receive a Welcome Letter via Facebook messages or Email.  This will give you all the information you need and all that we currently have on your child.  We will need your Email address, Physical Address and Phone Number for our files.  


Sponsorships are $1 a Day, $30 a Month,  $90 per Quarter or $360 a year per child, due upon your initial decision to sponsor.  You can help us tremendously by signing up on our site for one of PayPal's Automatic Donation Withdrawals.  Important We need all funds by the first of each new Quarter.  Quarters run September 1st, December 1st, March 1st and June 1st.  To make your donation, click here.  


Note:  PayPal takes a fee out of your payment, 

so to help us keep the administrative costs down we add  $3 per online sponsorship .  

If you prefer, you can mail a check to:  Rivers of Living Water, PO Box 3264, Butte, MT 59702.



Transformation . . .




What if I can't continue my sponsorship?

Sponsoring a child is a big commitment.  Our desire is that you would commit for at least one year, if not longer.  But, we understand that sometimes things happen to make it impossible to continue.  So ... no guilt, no shame.  If this happens to you, PLEASE let us know as soon as possible, so that we can find a new sponsor for your child.  Thank you!


Transformation . . .





Does the money I send go specifically to my child?  

Is any taken out for administrative costs?   


All donations received for Child Sponsorships go directly to our partners in Ethiopia ... Rivers of Living Water takes nothing out.  Those funds are then used for all of the children in the program as a group.  Out of those funds will come things like food disbursements, clothing, school uniforms, medical needs etc. for all of the kids and a very small amount for our social worker to help keep the program running on the other side. That's why consistent donations are so important.  Less money for one child affects all the kids.



Transformation . . .






Will all of my sponsored child's needs be met? 


Unfortunately, $30 a month will not cover all the needs for one child.  But ... it will make a significant difference in their lives overall.  The more funds that are sent, the more that can be done for the children.  Donations made to Living Way's Orphan Ministry Fund over and above the sponsorship amount, or specific needs found in our store, aside from your sponsorships, are greatly appreciated and can be made on our Give Page and in our Store.  We make these additional opportunities available to you as a sponsor but you are not required to participate.  


Child Sponsorship

We currently post all of our kids who need sponsors on our Facebook Page



Please pray about how you can help.  

If you see a child that you would like to sponsor,

please contact us with their Name and/or ID Number.

Thank you!


If you would like to sponsor a child,

 please contact us



Can you help?


We can't do this without you ... 


Click here to 





Thank you.





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