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Living Hope Womens Ministry ...






Living Hope Women's Ministry is helping to keep Families Together  

but providing support and training to widows and single mothers in the village of Gojo.  


Join Rivers of Living Water as we help raise funds for Living Hope Family Grants

These grants provide widows and single parents living in poverty with small business grants. 

Each woman and her project will receive a grant for $500 each.


For the past 5 years we have been partnering with the local church, sponsoring fatherless children 

living in poverty in our Living Way Children's Sponsorship Program

enabling them to attend school, receive food allotments, new clothing and medical attention. 

The transformation for the children has been incredible

But their widowed mothers remain the same. 


In Ethiopia, many widows and single mothers with children are left with no hope 

and nothing but mouths to feed.


 We would like to help change that, with Living Hope Family Grants


We partner with women who already have a business idea they want to start and also 

train those who want to learn a hands on trade, like sewing, making jewelry, bread, soap, etc. 


Each woman and her project receives a grant for $500 each

The funds will be carefully used to purchase what each woman needs to start up her own business, 

hands on training, and the rental of a small store front as necessary.


 Our program interviews, selects and trains women, teaching them to invest in their own small business, 

to save a portion of their money in a bank account and to give a portion back to the program, 

which then helps another woman to enter the program. It will also require their children attend school.


Will you join us to make a difference? 

Thank you!


Donate $500 in whole or in  part

Give a Living Hope Women's Grant

to train a woman in a new job.

Help us keep families together. 




It's our desire to help families stay together. 


Can you help?


We can't do this without you ... 


Click here to 




Thank you.





If you would like to be a part of this in any way, please 

contact us









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